Pathway of Nodal Metastases from Carcinoma of the Cecum and Ascending Colon

The primary nodal group draining lymphatics from tumors of the cecum and the ascending colon is the para-colic nodes along the marginal vessels of the cecum and ascending colon (Figs. 6-14 and 6-15). Further spread would follow along the ileocolic vessels toward the root of the SMA. Progression of nodal disease along the base of the mesentery may cause obstruction of the right ureter because of their close proximity and nodal spread could progress to the paraaortic nodal group. The principal nodes of this segment of the colon are the nodes at the root of the SMA.

Similarly, nodal metastasis from tumors of the distal ileum shares a similar pathway to the cecum or ascending colon (Fig. 6-16).

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