Roentgen Anatomy of Distribution and Localization of Collections

The perirenal space on each side is distinctly defined by the cone of renal fascia (Figs. 8-117 through 8-119).

Selective opacification of this compartment in the cadaver permits identification of the preferential pathway of spread and the characteristic localizing features. This is shown in Figure 8-120. The space is surprisingly capacious, and distention yields a typical outline. The injection study demonstrates that the lower border of the distended cone of renal fascia presents a diagnostic silhouette, inferiorly convex, overlying the region of the iliac crest. Some acute traumatic episodes provide an in vivo model and confirm these investigational observations (Figs. 8-121 and 8-122). This outline is the hallmark of perirenal collections, and its identification, therefore, on plain films as well as on other studies (Fig. 8-123) serves reliably to localize a disease process immediately.

The significant criteria for the localization and distinction of collections within the perirenal space are outlined in Table 8-1 on page 360.

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