Survive 5 years Perirenal Lymphoma

Lymphomatous involvement of the perirenal space is generally caused by transcapsular extension of paren-chymal disease or by direct spread from extraperitoneal disease. The CT appearance of perirenal lymphoma is variable and is dependent on several factors, including the pattern of growth and the mechanism of spread to the perirenal space. It may present diversely, including soft-tissue nodules or plaques, thickening of Gerota's fascia, small curvilinear densities, or a mass contiguous with underlying parenchymal or retroperitoneal dis-ease40,248-253 (Fig. 8-184). Isolated perirenal involvement without either parenchymal or retroperitoneal disease is unusual and tends to appear as a plaque or "rind" of tissue partially or completely surrounding the kidney. These rinds are typically higher in attenuation than normal renal parenchyma on unenhanced CT but lower in attenuation on contrast-enhanced CT.

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