The Gastrosplenic Ligament

The gastrosplenic ligament extends from the posterolateral wall of the fundus and the greater curvature of the stomach to the splenic hilum. It forms the lateral boundary of the lesser sac. The vascular landmarks of the gas-trosplenic ligament are the short gastric artery and vein at the fundus and the segment of the left gastroepiploic artery and vein branching from the splenic artery and vein at the hilum of the spleen along the body of the stomach.

Table 6-1. Peritoneal Ligaments Derived from the Dorsal Mesogastrium and their Vascular Landmarks

Peritoneal ligaments

Vascular landmarks

Splenorenal ligament

Splenic artery and vein

Gastrosplenic ligament

Short gastric artery and vein

Left gastroepiploic artery and


Gastrocolic ligament

Left gastroepiploic artery and


Right gastroepiploic artery and


Gastrocolic trunk


Epiploic artery and vein

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