The Left Kidney

Colon. Left renal masses come into relationship to the colon usually before they attain a size that displaces the stomach, duodenojejunal junction, or small bowel. Masses arising in the upper half may displace the distal transverse colon inferiorly and anteriorly. Those originating in the lower half are often first revealed by typical effects on specific portions of the left colon. The de scending limb of the distal transverse colon appears compressed and displaced laterally and anteriorly (Figs. 9-21 and 9-22). Significantly, the landmark of the anatomic splenic flexure is preserved. Masses projecting from the lower pole displace the descending colon laterally and anteriorly (Fig. 9-23). Again, the anatomic splenic flexure is unaffected.

Stomach and Small Bowel. A left renal mass may bulge through into the peritoneal cavity, as shown in Figures 9-24 through 9-26, to displace the greater curvature of the stomach and jejunal loops.

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