Suprasternal longaxis view

Aortic arch

Pulsed Doppler ,<s

Descending thoracic artery

Peak Velocity 1.6 m/s

Fig. 56. Suprasternal long-axis view.

Long Axis Echocardiography
Fig. 57. Wall scoring.
Aortic Valve Echocardiography Anatomy
Fig. 58. Coronary artery territories.


Left Ventricle

LV Cavity Size

!VS d. 2D RWMA's present cm Septal Motion cm LVPW d, 2D

LVEF Range

Hypertrophy type

Diastolic Function f set normal) ( Pi art Tunc )

Right Ventricle l. ist normal]f Mors

Aortic Valve

AoV structure

□ No Aortic Stenosis

RV Thickness Sys fx RV se g fx Left Atrium set normal "i I More )

AR Pl/2 time Peak Velocity Peak Gradient Mean Gradient


AS pk view


Aortic root size 2D Pulmonary Artery

Pulmonic Valve

, set normal J

Mitral Valve

MV Structure tet normal )fHore )

□ Incomplete closure

Thcknd leaflets Ttickng deg

MR jet direction Mn grad

Pl/2 time I

MV area, planim


I. Prior Studies j

Ig-No Evidence of Endocarditis Bl5c Evidence of Intracardiac Ttïromt i LVHD/P.'JÄD")

Tricuspid Valve

TV structure

TR pk grad RA pressure

Fig. 59. Examination report.

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    Is this normal on echo: AoV Pk Grad: 36.00mmHg?
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