Acidbase Disorders

David D. Nicolaou

Gabor D. Kelen

Measurementof Plasma.. Acidity Plasma. .Acid ..Homeostasis

Physiology. ofAcid.. Prodyct.i.on..and.Jxcretion Hepaticjnfluence, .on .Acid-Base,. .Balance

Renai.jnfiuence, „ .Balance Fundamental. Acid-Base. Disorders


Parameters ..Required,. for. .Clinical .Acid-Base. Evaluation

Metabolicacidosis Causes ..of. Metabolic. Acidosis Differentjal.Diagnoses. of.Wide:AG,Acid.osis Differential. Diagnosis ..of. Unchanged. (N,ormal). A.G..Acid.o.sis Treatment. .o,f.A,cidosis

Metabolic..Alkalosis Respiratory Acidosis Respiratory..Alkalosjs

ClinicalApprpachto .Acid-Base. .Problems. .andMixed. .A.cjd.:.Base..D.js.t,M.rban.ces

Chapter References

The homeostasis of the human organism is critically dependent upon the function of its proteins. Protein function is optimal at specific levels of acidity. Thus, plasma acidity is closely regulated.

Many diseases including those presenting an imminent life threat produce acid-base disturbances that provide important clues concerning the nature of the underlying illness and suggest immediate therapeutic interventions. The following is a practical approach to the clinical evaluation of acid-base disorders.

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