Acquired Hemolytic Anemias

Mary E. Eberst

Laboratory, Evaluation., ofHemolytic Anemia Autoimmune., HemolyticAnemias Warm.Antibody ..Hemolytic.An.emja

Cold. . .Antibody, .HemolyticAnemia

FragmentationHemolysis Microangiopathic, .HemoiyticAnemia,., (MAH.A)


Direct, Toxic., EffectsCausing ..Hemolysis Infections

Other Toxins that Cause Hemolysis Drug.-!nduced,Ox¡dative...Hemp!ysjs

Mechanical. ..Damage, Causing., Hemolysis Anemia.Due, loAMo—ai, Splenic, .Function


This chapter reviews some of the anemias that result from hemolysis that is precipitated by an acquired or extrinsic abnormality. Ta.ble...214r.1 outlines these conditions, which include antibody-mediated (immune) hemolytic anemias; fragmentation hemolysis, either microvascular or macrovascular; anemias resulting from direct toxic effects; anemias resulting from mechanical injury; and anemia that is the result of abnormal splenic function (hypersplenism).

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