Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Aids

AIDS is a chronic illness with varying manifestations. The CDC defines this syndrome23 as all human immunodeficiency virus (HlV)-infected adolescents (313 years) and adults with (1) a CD4 T-lymphocyte count of less than 200, (2) a CD4 T-lymphocyte percent of total lymphocyte of less than 14 percent, or (3) any of the following: pulmonary tuberculosis, recurrent pneumonia, invasive cervical cancer, or 23 other clinical conditions discussed elsewhere in this text and available on the MMWR Web site.4

Anthrax is an acute illness with one of several distinct clinical presentations. The cutaneous form is characterized by a skin lesion evolving over 2 to 6 days from a papule to a vesicle to a depressed black eschar. The inhalation form presents with a brief upper respiratory infection followed by hypoxia and dyspnea. On chest radiography, there will be evidence of mediastinal widening from adenopathy. The intestinal form is distinguished by severe abdominal pain and cramping followed by fever and sepsis. Finally, in the oropharyngeal form, a mucosal lesion in the oral cavity develops along with cervical adenopathy, edema, and fever.

The laboratory diagnosis is made by (1) isolation of Bacillus anthracis from a clinical specimen, (2) anthrax electrophoretic immunotransblot (EITB) reaction to the protective antigen and/or lethal factor bands in at least one serum specimen obtained after onset of symptoms, or (3) demonstration of B. anthracis through immunofluorescence.

Foodborne An acute illness of varying severity, foodborne botulism is manifested by diplopia, blurred vision, bulbar weakness, or symmetric paralysis that may be of rapid onset. Laboratory confirmation of this illness consists of demonstration of botulinum toxin in serum or stool or in food the subject recently consumed. A positive

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