Acute Abdominal Pain

E. John Gallagher Epidemiology

Pathophysiology Viscera'Pain

ParietaLPain Referred„Pain Clinical,,Features

Conceptual „Framework

Historical, , Features Physical ,,Examination Diagnosis

Diagnosis versus Disposition piagnosticJ.rror pe.rfgrmanc£„,,C,haracteristics ,,ol, Diagnostic,, ,Tests

Specific, Diagnoses Special, Considerations Treatment



GeneraLIndications ,for,Adm,issio,n Chapter, References

Most investigators in this field have arbitrarily defined "acute" abdominal pain as pain of less than 1 week's duration. 12 In keeping with this convention and the American College of Emergency Physicians' Clinical Policies Committee guidelines, this chapter restricts the discussion to postpubescent patients only, excluding individuals with known antecedent trauma and women beyond the twentieth week of pregnancy.2

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