Acute Peripheral Neurologic Lesions

Michael M. Wang

Hallmarks, ofPeripheralNeryous System „Disorders Localization. of Neurologic Disease treatment:... General .Considerations Specific Neuromuscular. Disorders Myopathies

Disorders.. of .the. Neuromuscular.. Junction Acute.. PeripheraiNeuropathies

EntrapmeM..N.europaMes Plexopathies

H,!V:A,ss,oc,i,a,ted. .Peripheral.. .N,e,u,rol,og,i,c...Dls,ea,s,e chronic.. Conditions Chapter. References

When confronted with a patient with neurologic complaints, one should first localize the problem anatomically based on the history and physical examination. In the process of localization, one of the initial distinctions that should be made is whether the pathologic process involves the peripheral or central nervous system. Sometimes the distinction is not clear. The purpose of this chapter is to focus on the diagnosis of peripheral nervous system disease and to discuss the approach and management in the emergency setting. Myasthenia gravis is discussed in Chap.226.

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