Approach To Chest Pain And Possible Myocardial Ischemia

Gary B. Green Peter M. Hill


Pathophysjology.of Chest.Pain

Pathophysiologyof .Angiina,!...Pa.i.n„e., Patient C!inica!..Features


Ischemic., Equivalents Physical ..Examination Electrocardiography Ancillary.. Testing

Computerized.. Decision.. .Aids Myocardial... Markers Tr,opon,in,.l.a,n,d..,T

C!iniic.a!l ..Applications..«! .Myocard,iai„Marker.. Measurements ..Low. .Probability...of. .Ischemia

Characteristics.. pf„C,o,m,m,o,n„ .Diagnostic ..lests..Used. .in...Em,erg,ency .cardiac...Care Myocardial.. Imaging Low-Risk. .Patient..Protoco!s

Differentia!. Diagnosis Chapter. .References

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