Breast Disorders

Carol A. Terregino Rachelle A. Greenman


Examlnationof the.. Breast

Abnormal Lactation Nipple..Discharge

Skin Disorders Affecting.t.he .Nipple and ..Breast Benign Breast Disease Nonlactational Inflammation. .(Mastitis) Breast Abscess

Pathophysiology Diagnosis Treatment Lactational. Mastitis

Mastitis.versus..Inflammatory. Carcinoma

Eyaluation.of an Is°lated„Bre&sLM.a.s?


Chapter. .References

Few if any breast disorders could be considered imminently life-threatening. However, the psychological and personal issues associated with this part of the anatomy classify such disorders as emergent for the patient. This chapter begins with a functional anatomic and physiologic review appropriate to emergency medicine, reviews the physical examination of the breast and common abnormalities detected by inspection and palpation, and then focuses on infectious, inflammatory, and neoplastic entities that emergency physicians may encounter in their practices. Few evidence-based recommendations exist concerning the management of breast disorders beyond the management of breast carcinoma.

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