G. Richard Bruno Wallace A. Carter

Pathophysiology of Caustic Injuries Alkali


C.linical.Features Management Initial „Assessment

Laboratory/Ancillary Jest Gastric, Decontamination Neutralization, . and. Dilution Endoscopy

Steroids Antibiotics

Systemic,, .Toxicity Ocular.Exposu.res

Treatment of Dermal Exposures

Experimental, Therapies

Disposition Special.Cases

Disc.Batteries Hydrofluoric ..Acid

Long-Term.. Morbidity Chapter. References

The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) reports approximately 100,000 potentially caustic exposures in the United States annually ( Table... 175-1).1 Caustic exposures include dermal, ocular, and oral ingestions. Most exposures are unintentional, with a large portion occurring in children younger than age

6. In 1996, there were approximately 167 exposures that resulted in significant morbidity and 16 in death. Intentional adult ingestions with suicide intent account for a greater percentage of serious injuries than unintentional oral ingestions by curious children.

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