Comorbid Diseases In Pregnancy

Jessica L. Bienstock Harold E. Fox








Chronic Renal Disease Cystitis and Pyelonephritis Inflammatory Bowel. Disease Sickle Cell. Disease Migraine


Human Immunodeficiency .Virus (HIV) Substance Abuse Domestic ..Violence

Effectof„Pregnancy.and.Laceration. on M.ed.i,£ati..on...C.o.n.s,i.d.e.ratlo.n.s...for..C,oncurrentMIililness Complicating, Effectspf ..Radiation Chapter. References

This chapter provides an overview of the management of chronic medical conditions in pregnant women, outlining the differences in management strategies that may be considered in view of the physiologic changes of pregnancy and the presence of a second "patient," the fetus.

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