Complications Of General Surgical Procedures

Edmond A. Hooker Fever

RespiratoryComplipations Atelectasis

Pneumonia Pneumothorax



Urinary .Tract.. Infection Urinary Retention Acute.Renal... Failure

Wound. .Complications Hematomas Seromas


Ne,c,r,otMnq ..Fasciitis Wound., Dehiscence yascularCompllcations

Superficial . . Th,rom,boph!ebi,t,is

Deep. .yenous .Thrombosis

Compljcationsof Druq..The.r.ajp.V Complications of Breast Surqery

CpmpNcationsof. .QastrointestinalSurqery

General Considerations Specific Considerations Chapter References

Outpatient surgical procedures are commonplace, and, with increasing pressure for cost containment, admitted patients are being discharged earlier in their postoperative course. As a result, more patients are presenting to the emergency department with postoperative fever, respiratory complications, genitourinary complaints, wound infections, vascular problems, and complications of drug therapy (Table, . . .8.4.-1). This chapter reviews the complications common to all surgical procedures as well as procedure-specific complications.

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TABLE 84-1 Complications of General Surgical Procedures

TABLE 84-1 Complications of General Surgical Procedures

The operating surgeon should be called when one of his or her patients appears in the emergency department with a surgical complication. This is not just courtesy but provides continuity of care important for the patient's well-being.

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