Corneal Abrasion

1. Treat same as conjunctivitis, above, except consider antipseudomonal coverage (ciprofloxacin or tobramycin) for abrasions due to organic foreign bodies and contact lenses.

2. Patching of the eye is no longer considered necessary and should be based on patient comfort issues (i.e., discomfort of foreign body sensation versus discomfort of eye patch).

3. If eye is to be patched, use ointment instead of solution.

4. Consider short-acting cycloplegics (e.g., cyclopentolate 1-2 drops to affected eye [C]) if eye is to be patched.

5. A short course of acetaminophen with codeine or hydrocodone is appropriate for pain control.

6. Up to date tetanus prophylaxis is recommended for patients with corneal abrasions.

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