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General Principles of the Developmental Approach Communicate, withthe „Child

Communicate,, withthe Family

Assess, ,by, „Means „of,, Observation Obtain„Meaning.ful, Vital, Signs GIPWth„and,DeyelPPmenta|, Stages Early, infancy,, 10, Io.„ 6„„Months.)

MedicalConsentand,, theTreatment „of,, Minors Chapter, References

Children account for approximately 30 percent of visits in most emergency departments. The majority have minor or self-limited illness, which may optimally be cared for in a nonemergent setting. However, the differentiation of critically ill pediatric patients from the larger number of less ill children with similar complaints represents one of the most important and challenging diagnostic skills for emergency physicians. The key to mastering this process of identifying ill children is a knowledge of child development as applied to the emergency setting.

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