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The diagnosis is based on a high clinical suspicion and a positive scabies preparation. The diagnosis should be entertained when more than one family member itches. Other disorders to consider in the differential diagnosis include other bite reactions, body lice, atopic dermatitis, neurotic excoriations, and delusions of parasitosis. Suspected cases of scabies should be confirmed by performing a scabies preparation. To perform a scabies preparation, one scrapes or superficially shaves a lesion (preferably a burrow) with a 15 blade. The sample is placed on a glass slide, covered with immersion oil and a cover slip, and examined under the microscope. Mites, eggs, or scybala (feces) will be visible ( Hg..,^^). When possible, the diagnosis should be confirmed with a scraping prior to treatment.

Scabies Poop

FIG. 242-2. Scabies preparation. The immature mite, ova, and scybala (fecal pellets) are present in this scraping of a burrow. The presence of any one of these elements is considered a positive scabies preparation result.

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