Differential Diagnosis

CONGENITAL ANATOMIC HEART DEFECTS Once congestive heart failure is recognized, age-related categories simplify further differential diagnosis as outlined according to time of development in Table 1.1.5-3.. In the first few minutes of life, congestive heart failure occurs from a variety of noncardiac origins such as asphyxia, acidosis, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, anemia, or sepsis. In critically ill premature neonates, a patent ductus arteriosus is the most common cause of congestive heart failure. Among full-term newborns, a hypoplastic left ventricle is the most common cause in the first week of life and coarctation of the aorta is the most common cause in the second week of life. Transposition of the great arteries presents within the first 3 days of life, with either cyanosis or congestive heart failure. 16

Dieting Dilemma and Skinny Solutions

Dieting Dilemma and Skinny Solutions

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