Discharge Instructions

Infants and children who are not dehydrated or who have responded well to oral or IV hydration may be discharged with instructions to take ORS solutions and age-appropriate feedings. The family should be instructed to return to the emergency department or to their own physician if the child becomes unable or unwilling to drink the ORS solution, begins to vomit, has increased emesis, develops bilious emesis, or shows signs of dehydration, such as decreasing urine output or decreased tearing, or if there is a decrease in the child's level of activity or state of alertness. Infants and small children should be reevaluated within 24 h especially if they continue to have diarrhea. The family should be instructed to telephone their primary care provider and he or she should decide if a visit is necessary. If the family does not have a primary care physician, then the family should contact the emergency department.

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