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Patients with functional constipation with or without fecal impaction can be managed safely as outpatients provided patients with fecal impaction are disimpacted manually prior to discharge. Patients with organic constipation of a nonobstructive cause can also be managed safely as outpatients. The primary care provider should be contacted to ensure follow-up and to communicate concern for an organic process. If thyroid function tests were performed, the primary care doctor should be informed so that they may be followed up.

Referral to a gastroenterologist is warranted for patients with constipation of recent onset; chronic constipation associated with weight loss, anemia, or change in stool caliber; refractory constipation; and constipation requiring chronic laxative use. 21

Finally, patients with organic constipation of obstructive origin require hospitalization and surgical evaluation. The type of bed to which the patient is admitted is dictated by the patient's clinical picture.

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Constipation Prescription

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