Disturbances Of Cardiac Rhythm And Conduction

Edmund Bolton

The, NormalCardiac. Conducting. System The Normal Electrocardio.q.ra.miECG) Cardiac.. Dysrhythmias

.Mec.ha.n.isms...of. .Tachydysrhythmias

,Me.c.h,a.n.i,sm,s...o,f., Bra,dydysrh,yt,hm,i,a,s Supraventricular.Dysrh.yt.h.mias

Junctional ..Dysrhythmias

Ventrl.c.ulaL Dysrhythmias

AberrantVersus ..Ventricular.Tachydy.srh.yth.mi.as


Sinus.Arrest ..(Pause)

At,rioye,ntricula,r.(AV) ..Dissociation At.rioye.n,tris.u.la.r..(AVl ..Block Second-Degree, ..M,obitz..I..(W,e,n,ck,e,ba,cM ..AV..Bloc,k Second-Degree, ..Mobitz..II .AV,..Blo,ck Third-Degree. (Complete) ..av. Block Fascicular Blocks

Unifascicular .Block


Trifascicular ..Block

PreterminalRhythms Pulseless. . .Electrical. . Actiyity. . (PEA)

AgonalM Ventricular.Rhythm

Tachycardia:BradYcardia„ .Syndrom.e..,(.Sick ..Si„n„us...S.yndrome) Clin.ic.al ..Significance


Preexcitation, .Syndromes Clinical ..Significance Treatment

Defibrillation and Synchronized ..Cardioyersion Cardiac.. Pacemakers Indications. for ..Emergency. .Pacing

Pacemaker. Malfunction

Eyalu.a.tion.of .Palpitations


The interpretation and treatment of cardiac dysrhythmias is basic to the practice of emergency medicine. This chapter reviews the important cardiac rhythm and conduction disturbances, their clinical significance, and their emergency treatment. Discussions of defibrillation, cardioversion, and artificial cardiac pacemakers are also included.

Although emphasis is appropriately placed on drug treatment of these dysrhythmias, it is also important that underlying and reversible causes of rhythm and conduction disturbance—such as hypoxia, alkalosis, electrolyte abnormalities, and drug toxicity—be recognized and treated.

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