Ectopic Pregnancy

Richard S. Krause David M. Janicke

Pathophysiology., and, „Epidemiology Clinical„Features History

Physical ..Examination

Diagnosis Pregnancy.Je.sting

Laboratorylests.,, and,, .Ectopic, .Pregnancy Sonography,, .and ..,Ectop,i,c...P,r,eg,n,a,nc,y

Inyasive, .Diagnostic ..Techniques



Dilatation,, a,nd„ .Curettage

Treatment Surgical, Approach


Clinical .Apprpach and, „Disposition Chapter., References

Ectopic pregnancy (EP) occurs when a conceptus is abnormally implanted outside of the uterine cavity. It is a leading cause of pregnancy-related maternal death. Today, earlier diagnosis and hence decreased morbidity and mortality have been made possible by transvaginal sonography and improved sensitivity of serum pregnancy markers. As a result more patients may be eligible for conservative medical and surgical therapies.

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