The human walks upright. Therefore, any injury to the foot jeopardizes the ability to function fully. Penetrating trauma involving the foot is sustained in a variety of novel manners from simple plantar puncture wounds to castastrophic lawnmower injuries. Urban children are at risk for sustaining foot lacerations while playing in water from fire hydrants.1 These most commonly result from stepping on broken glass. Bicycle-spoke injuries result in complex lacerations with marked surrounding abrasions and even tissue loss.2 Skin loss from bicycle-spoke injuries often occurs over the lateral malleolus and the base of the fifth metatarsal. Disastrous lawnmower injuries are usually sustained by push mowers, often when being pulled backwards.3 Lawnmower-induced lacerations are heavily contaminated, averaging 3.1 organisms at the time of intraoperative culture. Lawnmower-induced foot lacerations are also sustained from debris flying out from the under carriage. Footwear does not usually prevent injury from mowers. High-pressure water-spray cleaning systems cause complex laceration-injection injuries. Due to the biomechanical importance of the foot and the enhanced risk of infection with wounds to the foot, lacerations must be treated properly to avoid complications.

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