Equipment and Supplies

Equipment used to care for pediatric patients during transport is similar to that found in most emergency departments except that it is portable and reduced in size and weight. This is in contrast to equipment used during neonatal transport, which is usually specially designed for its unique function. The basic equipment required for pediatric transport includes a ventilator, a cardiorespiratory monitor with invasive pressure monitoring capability, a pulse oximeter, intravenous pumps, and a noninvasive blood pressure monitor. This equipment should be mounted to a stretcher or fitted with devices that can be secured to the vehicle or stretcher during transport.

Supplies and small equipment should be preassembled in equipment packs. These supplies can be divided into separate packs based on those required for airway management and all other care. Suggested inventories for these packs are included in T.a.b!e..,!:5.

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