Esophageal Emergencies

Moss H. Mendelson

Anatomy., and „Physiology Dysphagia

Clinical „Features Diagnosis

Seiected.StrUCtural/ObstrHCtiye, Causes

Se.l.ect.ed.„ Lesions, „Causing, .Dysphasia Chest., Pain., of.Esophafleal.Oriain Gastroesophageal, „Reflux. .Dis,eas,e...(GERD)



Esophageal.Perforation Esophageal. Bleeding

Chapter., References

Patients develop a wide variety of problems related to the esophagus. The complaints of dysphagia, odynophagia, or ingested foreign body immediately point to the esophagus as a source of disease. But the esophagus can be the site of pathology in patients presenting with chest pain, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, malignancy, and mediastinitis. Many esophageal processes can be evaluated over time in an outpatient setting, but several, such as variceal bleeding and esophageal perforation, can be fulminant and rapidly fatal, requiring a unique knowledge base for emergent intervention.

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