Gastrointestinal Disorders

Mentally retarded individuals frequently present to the ED with gastrointestinal bleeding and it is the most common reason for hospital admission. In 70 percent of cases studied, erosive esophagitis was the diagnosis.20 A large number of developmentally disabled individuals also have ulcers, usually duodenal. Such conditions respond well to aggressive treatment with proton pump inhibitors and H 2 blockers. In addition, perhaps as many as 40 percent of mentally retarded individuals have a neurogenic bowel with resulting constipation, overflow diarrhea, and infrequent rectal tears. It is important to carefully evaluate for constipation. Treatment must include both acute and long-term measures, including establishment of a regular stool pattern and provision of adequate fluid and fiber intake. It is also important to determine whether the patient has pica and may have developed bezoars. About 10 percent of individuals with pica will develop intestinal obstruction. 21 While surgery is often necessary for obstruction, it is also important to develop a treatment program to deal with the patient's pica. Behavioral measures are the cornerstone of such work, but pharmacologic interventions with SSRI may also be useful. It is also essential to determine whether a nutritional deficiency is related to pica. About 10 percent of mentally retarded individuals have parasitic infections. Enterobius vermicularis and Strongyloides stercorals are common. Finally, there is a high prevalence of hepatitis within the mentally retarded population, particularly those individuals in group care.

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