General Recommendations For Treatment And Followup

When treating patients for STDs in the ED, it is important to remember that many STDs occur together; follow-up and compliance for many ED patients are poor, and lack of treatment can contribute to infertility. For these reasons, a standardized approach is suggested for patients with suspected STDs. This should include

1. Treating even when an STD is only suspected, especially for gonorrhea and chlamydia, with emphasis on single-dose treatments

2. Obtaining a serologic test for syphilis

3. Ascertaining pregnancy status and consulting obstetrics if the patient is pregnant

4. Reporting appropriate diseases to the state health department

5. Counseling patients about prevention of STDs

6. Counseling patients about the advisability of HIV testing

7. Counseling patients about advising partner(s) to seek treatment

8. Arranging for appropriate follow-up

9. Documenting all the preceding on the medical record

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

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