Genitourinary Trauma

Gabor D. Kelen

Epidemiology CMnica! Approach

Detectionof Specificjnjuries

Special .Considerations

Choice.. ofRadiographic .StMd.y...for.. .Evaluation. andstagingof MRena,l.Sy§le,m..Iniu^ry


Choice ofnDiagnosticnImaglilplg. „fsr..Penet,rali,ng,..Re,nal,.. ,Trauma

Specific.Injuries KidnevIniuries

Ureteral. Injuries

Bladder. . Injuries Urethrallnjuries

Management.. OfRenaj.. System.. Injuries Kidney




The.Full-Bia.dder.Dilemma Genital . Injuries

Injuries,.. thePenis Chapter.. References

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