Head Injury

Thomas D. Kirsch Salvatore Migliore Teresita M. Hogan

Epidemiology Anatomy Pathophysiology Physiology

The Clinical Spectrum of TBI MildTB!


Evaluatjonand, Management Prehospital

Emergency, Department

Treatment forJ.n.crs.a.s.edJ.C.P

Management ofSpecific Injuries ScalpLaceration

Skull.,, Fracture

Cerebral ,,ContusiMon/Intracerebral,,Hemorrhage Subarachnoid,, Hemorrhage

Epidural, Hematoma

Subdural,, Hematoma Diffuse,, AxonaUnjury Penetrating Injury

ComPli,CatMons/Lonlg:TermÔÇ× Problems Seizures

Concussion Infections

Chapter, References

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