Hemophilias And Von Willebrands Disease

Mary E. Eberst

Hemophilia Classification



Man.angemen.Lof .Factor, .V!..!!.., Deficiency,, (Hemophilia ,.A)„ without, .an, .inhibitor

Manaqementof Factor .V!..!!.., Deficiency., (Hemophilia ..A), with., inhibitor., Present

Man.agement.of .factor, .!X..Def!ci.e.ncy..(He.moph,i„!ia, ,B)., without., an., .inhibitor

M,anaqemen.t..of .Factor, .iX..Deficiency„(Hemophi!ia, ,B)., with..,!.n.hibit.slP„re.sent indications., for ..Hospital, .Admission

Von., wrnebrand's, Disease Testing




Hemophilias are hereditary bleeding disorders due to deficiency of factor VIII (hemophilia A, classic hemophilia) or factor IX (hemophilia B, Christmas disease). Von Willebrand's disease is a related hereditary deficiency of a portion of the factor VIII complex. These disorders are discussed below.

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