Hereditary Hemolytic Anemias

Mary E. Eberst

Sickje, OellAnemia Pathophysiology



Specific, Recommendations, ,foLC,o,mElications Disposition

Sickle,, CeN-HemoglobinCDisease „(HbSC,, Disease) Sickle,, Cell-Beta,, ,(b), „Thalassemia „Disease

DeficiencyOf,^ Hereditary^pherocytosis


Ihis chapter discusses the most common inherited hemolytic anemias including the hemoglobinopathies, sickle cell anemia and its variants, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (which is a red blood cell enzymatic defect) and hereditary spherocytosis (a defect in the red blood cell membrane).

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