Hernia In Adults And Children

Frank W. Lavoie

Pathophysiology Genera|Characteristics

Predisposing, Factors

Specific, Hernia, Types

Epidemiology Clinica|,Features




Chapter References

A hernia is technically defined as an external or internal protrusion of a body part from its natural cavity. Although internal herniations may be found in cerebral, diaphragmatic, hiatal, or other abdominopelvic locations, the usual use of the term is in reference to the abdominal wall and typically to external presentations. Hernias also may be interparietal, within the layers of the abdominal wall. Abdominal wall herniations occur both in adults and children and may be present in groin (inguinal or femoral), umbilical, anterior abdominal, pelvic, or lumbar locations.

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