Idioventricular Rhythm IVR

An IVR is an escape rhythm of ventricular origin with very wide QRS complexes (more than 0.16 s) and a rate less than 40 ( Fig 2.4:36). Effective cardiac contractions and pulses may or may not be present. Idioventricular rhythm may occur as the result of complete infranodal AV block, AMI, cardiac tamponade, or exsanguinating hemorrhage. Treatment consists of attempting to accelerate the heart rate and enhance mechanical contractility using cardiopulmonary resuscitation and a-adrenergic agents. There is no proven benefit to the use of atropine or isoproterenol to treat IVR during cardiac resuscitation.

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Idioventricular Rhythm
FIG. 24-36. Idioventricular rhythm (IVR).

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