Injuries To The Elbow And Forearm

Dennis T. Uehara Harold W. Chin


Elbow, .Dislocation

Subluxation Radial.. .H.ead...('s ..Elbow) intercondylar T. or.. Y..Frac.tyres SupracondylarFractures Hymeral ..Condyle. .Fractures Ep,ico,n,dyle. Fractures

Trochlea Fractures

CapitellymFractures Coronoid. ..Fractures Olecranon ..Fractures Radial .Head. Fractures Ulnar...Neyritis

Epicondylitis Lateral.. Epicondylitis



,F,y,n.c.tio.n..a.l...A.n.atomy Proximal.. Biceps Rupture.. (Long Head) Distal.Biceps. Avulsion TricepsRuptures


Clinical Features

Differential. Diagnosis


Forearm Anatomy

Frarturesof Both ..Radius.. and. .Uina UlnaFractyres Radius. Fractures Bibliography

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