Injuries To The Spine

James L. Larson, Jr Epidemiology

Evaluation Resuscitation

Airwa,y..Ma,n,a,ge,me,n,t Physical ..Examination


Ihe..Asymp.t.omatic..Patient Cervical. .Spine, ..Radiographs computed,og.r.ap.hy...Sc.a.n.ning Magnetic. .R,eso,n,a,nc,e,..Im,a,gi,n,g, ..(MRI)

Cervical .Spine.In juries Anatomy

Mechanism,:,. .Hype.rile.xio.n Mechanism;.. Flexion.. and. ..Rotation Mechanism;,. .Extensi—.and.Rotation

Mechanism: Vertical Compression Injuries

Mechanism;, .Hyperextension Injuries Mechanism;,. Lateral ..Flexion


Thoracolumbar ..Spine...!nluries Anatomy

Mechanism ..of. Injury. and .Classification

Chapter. References

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