Knee Injuries In Children

Although knee injuries do occur in children, they are usually the result of fractures of the bone rather than significant ligamentous injuries. Ligamentous injuries can occur in children but are not common. Careful examination and radiographic evaluation usually reveal that the ligaments are intact and there has been an epiphyseal injury. Meniscal tears also occur in children with a much lower incidence than in adults. The characteristic finding of meniscal tears in children is that they have a more insidious history than in the adult. Patellar fractures are also infrequent in children. They can be difficult to diagnose because of the difficulty in evaluating the radiographs. The opposite knee should be x-rayed for comparison views to help the physician in the diagnosis of a fracture. Lastly, dislocations are, fortunately, an extremely rare condition in children. If they occur, however, they have the same ominous complications as in the adult.

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