Maxillofacial Trauma

Stephen Colucciello




Emergency ..Management: ...Resuscitation Airway

Intubation. Considerations Hemorrhage Control


Physical.Examination Inspection


Periorbital .and^Orbital., Exam

Bimanual Palpation Test Penetrating . . Injuries Nose Ears

Oral. and ..Mandibular .Exam Tongue-Blade.. Test

Radiology PlainFilms

Radiographic .Viewsofthe Face

Computed .Xoms.graphy Cost

Magnetic .ResonançeJmaging

Specific .Facial..Fractures Frontal. .Sinus/Fronta!. Bone.. Fractures Nasp-Ethmoidal-O.rbita.! .Injuries Orbital..Fractures NasaJFractures

Zygomatic Fractures Maxillary. Fractures Mandibular Fractures

Xemp.o.r.pmandibwiar. .Joint.. Dislocation

Special..Circumstances Penetrating the.. Face Children ..yersus.AdM!t.s Chapter References

Up to 60 percent of patients with severe facial injuries have multisystem trauma and have potential for airway compromise. The alarming nature of facial injuries may divert attention from more occult life threats. Management requires a coordinated team approach, necessitating involvement of emergency physicians, and surgical specialists in ear-nose-throat (ENT), trauma, plastics, and oral surgery ( T,ab,!®,,,24,9:,l).

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