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Often events are staffed by a combination of paid personnel and volunteers. The number of personnel is based on the layout of the facility and the size and characteristics of the crowd, adequacy of EMS coverage, and proximity to adequate hospital facilities. These factors determine the level of intravenue care needed. Response teams should be located throughout the facility to keep response times within a 3- to 5-min time period. It is often very beneficial to couple security officers with medical personnel in order to provide a safer environment and quicker response. In special situations, it may be necessary to add others, such as firefighters or water rescuers, to the response team. Each response team should be efficiently staffed and equipped to easily transport a nonambulatory patient.

Treatment facilities should be staffed with personnel capable of delivering definitive emergency care. The number of patients and the medical complaint categories can be estimated based on the attributes previously discussed. It is the function of the medical director to determine how to best meet the demands of patient care within the budget of the facility. The expertise level of nonphysician personnel varies greatly. Their availability can have a direct impact on the number of physicians required. The number of physicians recommended for on-site care ranges from 1 for every 5000 to 1 for every 50,000 people. These staffing requirements should be part of a formal contract with the facility management.

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