Mushroom Poisoning

Sandra M. Schneider Anne Brayer

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Chapter. References

Mushrooms are one of the more common toxic exposures, with over 12,000 mushroom exposures reported to poison centers in 1996, or roughly 5 for every 100,000 population.1 Over 95 percent of these ingestions were unintentional, with nearly 70 percent occurring in children under the age of 6. Most ingestions resulted in little or no gastrointestinal (GI) toxicity.

Depending on the type of mushroom, adverse effects from ingestion range from mild GI symptoms to major cytotoxic effects resulting in organ failure and death. Toxicity may also vary based on the amount ingested, the age of the mushroom, the season, the geographic location, and the way in which the mushroom has been prepared prior to ingestion. Individuals also vary in their response to any given mushroom ingestion, so that one person may show significant effects while others may be asymptomatic ingesting the same mushroom (T§b,!®,„2,0,0-1).

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