Neonatal And Pediatric Transport

Carl L. Bose Phillip V. Gordon

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Thermal. .Regulation Mechanical .Ventilation

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Determining. .Viability

Monitoring. During. Transport

Conduct of a Transport

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EquiRmentand. Supplies


Patient. Care. .Protocols ..and...Quality Assurance Chapter. .References

Regionalized intensive care is a concept that has gained wide acceptance in many fields of medicine, including neonatology, pediatric intensive care, and emergency medicine. This concept mandates that expensive, high-technology, labor-intensive therapies be limited to a few regional centers. Because patients in need of these services may initially present to other hospitals, interfacility transport has developed as a complement to regionalized intensive care. 1

Either the referring hospital or the regional center may assume the responsibility for the transport of a patient to a regional center. Because regional neonatal and pediatric intensive care centers often provide transport services and because community emergency medical services (EMS) systems are often not equipped to transport critically ill children, the interfacility transport of pediatric patients is often conducted by regional centers. Under these circumstances, the referring hospital still has important responsibilities related to transport. Emergency department personnel must often assume these responsibilities because the emergency department is the site of initial care. This chapter focuses on the stabilization and preparation of critically ill children for transport. Since some emergency departments are also responsible for operating transport services, a brief discussion of the organization and administration of a pediatric transport program is also included.

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