Oral And Dental Emergencies

Ronald W. Beaudreau

Oral and.Denta|.Anatomy Anatomy ofthe .Teeth

The.Normai ..Periodontium

Orofacial.Pain Pain ..of. Odontogenic ..Origin

Periodontal ..Pathology

Cranial. Neuralgias

Soft .Tissue ..Lesions.of.the .OraiCayity





Hand,Foot, ..andn.Mouth..Diisiease Traumatic Ulceration

Lesions. .. of. .the. . Tongue Leukoplakia and. ..Erythroplakia

Orofacial .Trauma De.n.toa.lyeolar.. Trauma

Soft. Tissue .Trauma


Spontaneous .Hemorrhage postoReratiye.Bieeding

Oral ..Manifestations.of. Systemic.. Disease Vitamin.Deficiencies


Endocrine. .Abnormalities


M£dic,ation-Re,la,t,ed„ .So^^ .. Tissue, . . Abnormalities Heavy .Metal Intoxication Granulomatous, ..Disease CollagenvasculaL Disease Leukemia

Ch,ronic.„ves1icul|lou,lcera,tiye..Di,sease Graft:yersus:Host..Disease Sexuaiiy..Transmitte,d„ Diseases Acquired,.. ImmMnodeiiciency. Syndrome Other

Chapter References

Although few life-threatening dental emergencies occur, oral and dental complaints commonly result in emergency department (ED) visits in the United States. Oral emergencies generally can be divided into three categories: (1) orofacial pain, (2) orofacial trauma, specifically dentoavleolar trauma, and (3) hemorrhage. Early manifestations of many systemic illnesses are evident in the oral environment and may provide clues to the diagnosis of systemic illnesses. Oral lesions may cause pain or anxiety, and it is important that the emergency physician be familiar with common oral pathology and its management. An understanding of dental anatomy and the attachment apparatus is essential for the recognition and management of oral disease.

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