Orthopedic Devices And Reconstructions

Scott S. Kelley Harrison A. Latimer

Common. .Orthopedic... Implants.. Stabilizing.. BoneJo ...Bo.n.e Plates.. .and .Screws

Intramedullary ..Rods

External .Fixators

Fixation.. Wires. .and..Pins

Cervical. Spine. ..Implants

Anterior.. and ..Posterior ThoracolumbarSpine .Implants

Common. .Orthopedic.. Implants.. Stabilizing.. Softi..Tissue..to ..Bone Total. .J.o.i.nt..A.rth.ro.p.la.st.y Prosthetic. Types

Complications Bibliography

Orthopedic surgery is unique in its abundant use of implants to reconstruct the musculoskeletal system. Implants may be used to replace a degenerated structure or simply to stabilize a bone or ligament while it heals. The goal is a painless, functioning spine or extremity. Implants are used in fractures, arthrodesis, arthroplasty, and ligament fixation.

This chapter reviews the common types of orthopedic implants. Postoperative complications that may be seen in an emergency department following implant use, including breakage, migration, and infection, are discussed.

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