Pediatric Airway Management

Marcie Rubin Nicholas Sadovnikoff

Normal ..Ped.iat.ricAiiw.ay.. Anatomy Abnormal.. Pediatric. .Airways Congenital


Evaluation.of .a.. Pediatric ..Airway Pediatric.. Airway ..Equipment Oro.pharyngeal.and..

Bag-Valve-Mask,.. Devices Laryngoscope. .Blades

Endotracheal. .Tubes


Rapid-sequence.Intubation. ..Pediatric.MP.atient

Preparation Preoxygenation Cricoid. .Pressure Induction ..of.Anesth,e,sia

Neuromuscular Blockade


Invasive ..Airway. Techniques Needle..

Surgical. „Cricothyroidotomy..a.n,d...Xra£h.eos!omy


Head.. .Trauma. .olI„„Lesion Epiglottis. . and. . Croup Airwayforeign Bodies Chapter. .References

As in all resuscitative efforts, the airway in pediatric patients has the highest priority. Skillful management of the pediatric airway requires a thorough familiarity with airway anatomy, an organized approach to the assessment of a compromised airway, and availability of the necessary tools for securing and maintaining a patent airway.

This chapter discusses the differences between adult and pediatric airways as well as causes for abnormal pediatric airways. It reviews the tools and techniques required for establishing and maintaining an airway and ventilation. It also addresses specific pathologic conditions leading to pediatric airway compromise and the appropriate interventions for such situations.

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