Pediatric Exanthems

Michael S. Weinstock Michael S. Catapano





MycoplasmaiiInfections ScarletFeyer Rickettsial

Rocky „Mountain Spotted „Fever

Viruses Enteroviruses





Roseola. Infantum

Etiolo.gyiiUnc.lear ErythemaNodosum

Kawasaki Disease (Mucocutaneous LymphiiNode Syndrome) Pityriasis i Rosea Bibliography

Rashes with diverse etiologies can look alike. Assessing the signs and symptoms preceding or presenting with the exanthem and obtaining an accurate history of prior immunizations, potential human or animal contacts, and recent environmental exposure helps to determine the diagnosis. The various etiologic agents and associated exanthems are noted in T§bl„e.„131-1. Further discussion of cutaneous disorders is found in Section 19, "Disorders of the Skin."

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