Penetrating Trauma To The Extremities

Richard D. Zane Allan Kumar


Pathophysiology Diagnosis.. .and .Management Diagnostic. Modalities

Radiographic: studies Ankje . . Brachial. . Indices Duplex.. Ultrasonography Disposition

Chapter. References

Emergent management of penetrating extremity injuries is an evolving and controversial subject. Recent advances in surgical technique enable arterial repair with an extremely low rate of postoperative thrombosis, making the recognition and rapid treatment of arterial injury of paramount importance. Associated injury to soft tissue, nerve, and bony structures are now the primary determinants of limb salvage. Emergency physicians play a crucial role in the management of penetrating extremity injuries by identifying injuries early and promptly initiating care crucial to limb rescue. Unnecessary delays in treatment can lead to irreversible limb ischemia and subsequent limb loss.

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