Performance Characteristics of Diagnostic Tests

Table 68-4, T.a.bJ.e...,68-5, Table 68-6, Table, .6.8-7., Table.,..6.8-8, Tabje...68:9, Table...,6.8.-1.0, Table., .6.8-1.1, Table ...6.8.-12, Table., 68-1.3. and Tab!e...,6.8.-14 provide a summary of the properties of diagnostic tests used for common or serious causes of abdominal pain encountered in the ED. These test properties are displayed as the traditional sensitivity and specificity, accompanied either by confidence intervals or a range of values if the studies from which the data were drawn were too heterogeneous to be combined.

How Serious Acute Diverticulitis

TABLE 68-6 Diagnostic Tests for Small Bowel Obstruction

TABLE 68-7 Diagnostic Tests for Acute Pancreatitis vtot tt «K

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'J — r—. pi, II..U -jr-t^ ™ t\ Afl : ■ m, ■ ** Mim

TABLE 68-8 Diagnostic Tests for Acute Diverticulitis

How Serious Acute Diverticulitis

TABLE 68-9 Diagnostic Tests for Renal Colic

TABLE 68-10 Diagnostic Tests for Acute Scrotal Pain

TABLE 68-11 Diagnostic Tests for Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Characteristics Diagnostic Test

TABLE 68-13 Diagnostic Tests for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

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