Platelet Abnormalities

Acquired platelet abnormalities include both quantitative and qualitative defects. Quantitative problems are usually associated with bleeding complications at a platelet level of less than 50,000/pL with spontaneous bleeding, including central nervous system (CNS) hemorrhage, likely at a level below 10,000/pL. Ta.ble..,.2,ll.-1 depicts the causes of acquired thrombocytopenia; I§.ble 210-6 displays the drugs most commonly associated with thrombocytopenia. Platelet counts above 400,000/pL are encountered most commonly in inflammatory reactions, patients with malignancy, splenectomized patients, and those with polycythemia vera. Thrombocytosis can be associated with bleeding or thrombosis and is considered an emergency when platelet levels exceed 1 million/pL or are associated with evidence of CNS dysfunction or acute thrombosis or hemorrhage.

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