Poisonous Plants

Mark A. Hostetler Sandra M. Schneider

Epidemiology Treatment

Seye.rely,.Poiso.no.us,, Plants CastOLBean JRcmusjcommunJS

JequirityBean ,(AkrMs,,precatoriui)

oleander,, Nerium, oieande!) Poison,,, Hemlock,, jOoniusuBaculatus!)


Aloe.A./oe, barkadensii)

AMeaRhododeMrgn,, Species) Cactus




Jimsonweed Datura Species)


Nightshade,,,, C,omm,on,,or, ,Woody„,§!oianum„spec,i„esi,,,Nightsh,a,de)

Peach,,,,Apricot, .PeariJCrab., Apple,,, andiydiangea

Pepper, (Capsicum)

Phiiodendron iEi,ep,hant,s,E,ar) Pokeweed, Ph\folac£3uam£ri£.an& Pothos,, {Devil's,, Ivy,,, EMp.ubmw\ Red/Yellow,, ,S,a,ge,,,,L,a,ft,tana), soianumSpecjes, {Potato, ,,E,g,gpla,n,t,,, common,, Nightshade)

Tgxicgdendrgr Species,{Poison.,,|yy,, Oak,„a,n,d„,S,uma,c)

Common, Holiday or,, S.easo.nal,,E!an.ts,,{Poisonous,,a.nd,,Nonp.o.iso.nou.s) Holly,, {(/e*, Species)

Poinsettia,, EuphobamisMrnma.

Easter MlyiMumJoMgifloruiM

Chapter,, References

Poisonous and injurious plants number in the hundreds and have a wide variety of toxicities. Rather than attempting a comprehensive listing, this chapter focuses on the most important plant-related encounters clinically relevant to emergency medicine. It includes descriptions of the most prevalent and poisonous plants ( Table

20.1:1 and T§.b.!e.,..2.01-2), those plants most commonly mistaken for being poisonous (T.ab!e..,.2Q.l-3), the most severely poisonous plants, and those most frequently encountered during the holiday season.l2. and 3 Individual plants are discussed in terms of their pathophysiology, clinical features, and treatment.

TABLE 201-1 Most Commonly Encountered Plants (in Descending Order)

tutor bain lAirins run'-.jr.',. ■ IL! I.,J Ii r pirp-irta',

Jfqjin'.j bcm I JtaiE preratoriu)

FflfWfl krl«l iOli'u* rwfiiüftiti) Wltcr han: k i. i i Yru'j nni la\t)

Yfw jfWtf 4FTCWI_

TABLE 201-2 Most Toxic Plants

IJwwu ipccic-L

^luudlu i|min huh+TT In pIltfllfKW KJTilHnipl i. AnHxr., HS^rtT-'liT.-jOtT «iVmWih-IU-. whfefelli d-l|i'HI Vtdcr --'in! [LAfkvi^vAui nwnrl Hh^fnn^jftt 1.1 r I' I' nn I ~yri • ~i|

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